Recent Groups

Here are a few pictures from some of the recent groups that we have had.  We are grateful for each opportunity that the Lord gives to offer a place of refreshment and growth for people!

A Little Bit of Home

At the end of May, Hannah, from our home church in WI, and Pastor Ron, from our home church in ND were both here for visits.  Hannah had come for almost 2 months in 2014 after Heidi was born, so she was happy to be back and reconnect with staff and community people.  She helped […]

Kobwin at Last!

At the end of May, we were excited to finally visit Kobwin Children’s Center, NHU’s other children’s center in central east Uganda.  Kobwin’s doors opened in 2010, taking in around 20 older children that had formerly been abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army.  Syd had visited in 2008 as they were constructing the place, but […]


  Since February, we have been busy with school around here.  I know there are many amazing moms who homeschool 5 or 6 kids at a go; but I’m struggling with 2!!  I am enjoying it, but finding the days rushing by with little time for anything else.  It’s fun to see the differences in […]


We recently held ROPES camp for 2 small Christian schools from Kampala.  It was a busy week full of teachable moments, challenging experiences with times of debriefing, and impacting Bible teaching on topics pertinent to the students’ lives. We loved seeing the transformation from the first day until the last.  On the first day, many […]