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Clay Center Team

Last week we enjoyed hosting a team from Clay Center, Kansas.  They came with our co-workers from Kasana, the Petersons.  The original plan had been for Ebenezer family from Kasana to accompany the team for a week of camp, but for various reasons, the camp was cancelled last minute.  For us not being incredibly prepared […]

IY Work Week and ROPES Camp

  At the end of July into August we had 2 intense weeks of camp with this year’s Investment Year students from NHU.  It was an interesting mix of kids (most in their late teens) with an interesting reputation as a class.  Their leaders have struggled with the class’s attitudes throughout the year, with some […]

EBC Team

We just recently had a volunteer team come over from the Evangelical Bible Church in Dickinson ND.  It was great having them here they were a tremendous blessing to us.  Here are a few photos from their time. The team primarily helped us with two things… the first was our camp Kitchen.  The second was […]

IY and EYO

In Uganda, acronyms are ALL OVER THE PLACE.  UTODA, UCF, NSSF, etc, etc, etc.  Anyway, the title of this post are the acronyms for 2 groups that came out to camp in August – Investment Year and Emmanuel Youth Outreach.  Both of these groups are from Kasana Children’s Center and they came for a week […]

Luke and Maria

We had the fun privilege of having a couple from Camp Forest Springs (the camp that Syd and I worked and met at) come out to Musana Camps at the beginning of August.  Like we wrote recently about Keisha coming, we are always blessed to see how God provides people to help in times of […]