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Settling Back In

Thanks for all who prayed for us as we transitioned back to life in Uganda. 5 weeks later, we arefeeling settled again, although many readjustments took longer than we would have thought! It's great to be back with our Musana family again, getting to see all sorts of children walking up for church each Sunday, hearing people's testimonies at church, sharing … [Read More...]

Moving Day

So the day finally came for us to move back to Uganda. We thought we were prepared and doing pretty good on time, but we ended up arriving to O'Hare "late", about 2 … [Read More...]

Saying Good-byes

For those of you who try to keep up with us via this website...we apologize!!! We have been absolutely silent for basically a year. Many of you we had the privilege … [Read More...]

a day at Musana

Check out this video to see the sights and sounds that are in and around Musana Camps. https://youtu.be/_6fXZBjAnJY … [Read More...]

Re-united at Forest Springs

  Last September we had taken our friends and co-workers, Medi and Eva, to the airport in Uganda.  They flew to Chicago, were picked up by my parents, and then were at Forest Springs Camp and Conference Center the whole past year for their training … [Read More...]

Wrapping Up

The last couple of months were a bit busy for us as we entered into a state of transition.  For various reasons, we left for our furlough 6 months sooner than originally planned.  This was decided right before we went into a busy couple of weeks of having a … [Read More...]