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We were very excited to take part in running our first ROPES (Rites of Passage ExperienceS) camp since returning from the states.  These camps are one of our favorite programs that Musana runs.  This time it was for a group of 45 IY students (high school graduates in New Hope's gap year program) as the culmination of their intense year of discipleship and … [Read More...]

Celebrating God’s Faithfulness

It's amazing how 10 years can seem like such a long time ago, but can also seem like just the other day!  Ten years ago, Syd and I were into our 2nd year of marriage … [Read More...]

Settling Back In

Thanks for all who prayed for us as we transitioned back to life in Uganda. 5 weeks later, we arefeeling settled again, although many readjustments took longer than … [Read More...]

Moving Day

So the day finally came for us to move back to Uganda. We thought we were prepared and doing pretty good on time, but we ended up arriving to O'Hare "late", about 2 1/2 hours before our flight left...we thought. Unfortunately for us, we were relying on … [Read More...]

Saying Good-byes

For those of you who try to keep up with us via this website...we apologize!!! We have been absolutely silent for basically a year. Many of you we had the privilege of spending time with during that year -- we were so grateful for all of those opportunities! … [Read More...]

a day at Musana

Check out this video to see the sights and sounds that are in and around Musana Camps. https://youtu.be/_6fXZBjAnJY … [Read More...]