Construction Begins

construction begins

Construction has finally begun.  Last week we broke ground and began working on the foundation for our first building.  One thing that is quite different about the construction process over here is that there are no big machines to do the work for you.  So everything that you see dug out in the photo was dug by hand.  All of the rocks that are being used in our concrete mixture are broken by the man in the picture below.  He  has used a hammer to break most of it.  How would you like to sit and break rock with a hammer and have to fill a dump truck full.  Not my idea of fun but it is a job and he is earning money.  The bottom picture is a 12’ long  x 8’ wide hole that will eventually be a 10’ deep holding tank to collect rainwater (cistern).  As you can see they ran into a big problem as they were digging.  There is a very large boulder that they couldn’t just dig out.  So they brought in the rock crusher and he went to work.