South African Visitors

South African visitors

This last week we had a bunch of guys drop in on us unexpectedly.  The group of 6 are from South Africa and are all part of a group called MOTE (Missions Outreach Training and Exposure) which is a student led group on a couple of different college campuses.  They want to mobilize college aged Christians in South Africa to action especially within the continent of Africa.  They have organized a couple of outreaches already and for the past couple of weeks have been traveling around East Africa to find out what is going on here and how they can possibly get involved.

We hosted the guys for two days and told them all about NHU and what we are doing.  I shared with them about the camp and all that we are planning at the camp.  I am hoping that we will be able to connect again and maybe even have one of their outreach groups come to the camp. One of the most exciting things was to see the similarities in their vision for mobilizing students with the vision of our own Emmanuel Youth Outreach group here at Kasana.  We had three of the leaders from EYO over for dinner one night to get them all together and talk about their vision.  The photo above is from our dinner together.  I think that it would be fantastic to join the two groups on an outreach somewhere.  It excites me to think of the impact that students with a passion to see other people know God can have.  In a continent with so much disunity it excites me even more to think of students from different countries within Africa uniting to reach out to others in the name of Jesus Christ.  I guess only time will tell what the Lord is going to do with these two groups.