Building Progress

Building progress

We’re getting there!  It was exciting to see the progress on the camp buildings this past week.  We took a trip out to the land with Luke, a friend from Camp Forest Springs, who was in Uganda for a month doing some studies.  It was great to see him, catch up, and even be able to show him the place that we are going to call “home” in about a week.  Our friends Medie and Mugabi joined in the excitement as well–sleeping in tents and getting stormed on, buying fish from the fishing village, and trying to navigate horrendous roads with a sliding van door that wouldn’t close properly and instead sucked dust into the car like a vacuum cleaner.  (Needless to say, we were not looking or feeling too pretty by the time that we finished our journey!)

The hope is that by the end of this next week (the end of January), the housing will be completely finished so that we can move into it.  It’s crazy that this day is coming so quickly!