Ebenezer Family Vacation

Ebenezer family vacation

It was hard to miss the excitement bouncing around Ebenezer Family this past week as they prepared for their family vacation to Jinja, the city at the start of the Nile.  A friend of one of the other missionaries, Ann, very generously offered to pay the way for all of the kids to spend 4 days at Discovery Center, part of YWAM (Youth with a Mission).

The kids had a blast playing games, listening to music, having food prepared for them, and completing the challenge course at Discovery Center.  Much like a mini-retreat, there were times of devotions, teaching, and discussion that the kids learned from as well.  The above picture was taken at Bujagali Falls, one of the largest rapids on this beginning stretch of the Nile River.  The kids were definitely awed by the beauty and majesty of this place.

Below is a picture of Syd helping Violet finish the challenge course.  She had fallen at the beginning and wanted to give up, but Syd kept encouraging her to try with his help.  She finally did and she made it all the way around–definitely one of his highlights!  The last picture is me with Florence, the family mother, one of the sweetest ladies that we know here.  She and Godfrey are great parents for the kids!

It was great to spend this time with the family, especially before we move.  It has become one of those shared experiences that will further unify the family.  We can’t wait to have the camp operational enough that we can have the family groups coming out our way for these very type of trips!!