The New Ride

Our Land Cruiser

We finally have a car.  What a ride it has been to get here.  We started off thinking that a heavy-duty Land Cruiser or a Nissan Patrol would be the perfect car for the conditions and situations that we will be facing as the first staff at the camp.  However, we quickly put that out of our minds because these type of cars are way out of our price range here in Uganda (please notice though that we are standing by such a Land Cruiser in the above picture).

So, our next option was a Toyota Hilux–a double-cabin pick-up.  We had two different leads on decent pick-ups for decent prices (which is hard to find here–most pick-ups that you find in the car lots are in poor condition but ridiculously priced).  However, the first one ended in a closed door.  After the second one was pulled out from under us as well (on our way into town to test-drive and then purchase the truck, the man texted to say that the car had been taken–go figure), we decided that the Lord was leading us away from getting a double-cab.

Next, after some advice from co-workers, we started looking into 4-wheel drive vans.  We were led to two vans–an 8 passenger and 14 passenger.  We had the hardest time deciding between them–neither one of them was what we really wanted, but we had to choose the better of the two somehow.  We decided to go with the cheaper of the two, a Toyota Hiace (pictured below).

The funny thing is that right after I bought the van, I made a comment to the lady selling the van that if her company was ever interested in selling one of their Land Cruisers (which they use for safari expeditions), we would be more than interested in purchasing it.  By chance, the company had just talked about selling the Land Cruiser (and for an amazingly reasonable price!!)  So I came home with the van, with the idea that we would wait to hear back from them about the Land Cruiser.

After a trip to the camp with the van, we realized that the van was not the vehicle that was going to weather the roads with us on all of our trips to the camp land.  The Lord had it worked out though that our neighbors at Kasana were very interested in the van.  So to wrap up this story quickly, we went into Kampala with them this past week and switched things around.  They are now the proud, happy owners of the below vehicle and we are the even happier owners of the above vehicle.

It was pretty amazing to see the Lord’s hand leading us in all of this.  We are blown away with the fact that through purchasing a van (which was the LAST thing that we wanted to drive!), the Lord led us to this Land Cruiser (what we thought would be best from the beginning).  His ways are definitely not ours, and we even struggled with His timing along the way, but we see now what He was having us wait for.  Thanks to all of you who have been praying for us in this search process.  Buying a vehicle is definitely a whole different game in Uganda.  A huge thanks as well to those who have helped to make it possible for us to own a vehicle to help with the ministry of the camp.

Toyota van