First Teams

Work team

As we have alluded to several times, we have been blessed to already have our first work teams at the camp.  Within 2 days of moving here, a man from Canada along with 4 helpers (another guy from Canada who has been helping at Kasana for the past 5 months and other guys from Kasana) arrived to do a topographical survey of the property.  They have been hard at work since then, only taking a break on Sundays.  They have been a huge help even in shedding light on different boundary issues.  It has been great to spend time with them.

About a week after they arrived, 2 more carloads of people arrived to stay for a week.  The team included a family of 4 from S. Dakota, a man from N. Dakota, a young woman that grew up at Kasana and Jay and Gary (although Jay and Gary were only able to stay for 2 days).  This is an incredible group of people….we have been so blessed by their encouraging, humble, servant-like attitudes.  Especially as the living situation is anything but easy and many of the projects that we have them helping with would appear menial (although they are a HUGE help at this stage of things).  We had a great time of planning and strategizing with Jay and Gary before they headed back to Kasana.  It is exciting to see more plans coming together as far as where certain facilities will be located, etc.  The rest of the team has been helping with the surveying, building shelves, finishing varnishing, doing much-needed landscaping (filling in huge holes, etc.), figuring out how to get a pump working for the stream, and even helping with the washing and cooking.  The part that they have in these foundational days is so important.  We are excited for them to see what things look like even 5 years from now…they are part of the pioneering of this camp and for that we are very grateful.