Jennifer and Andrea

It’s pretty amazing to see how God takes care of needs that we have before we even think about them.  He sent my cousin, Jennifer, to us to fill such a need.  Back in September or so, Jennifer started looking at coming out for a few weeks/months to visit and help us at the camp.  At the time, we were very excited about the possibility, but thought that it was sort of bad timing since we knew that we would have just moved to the camp and would be taking care of teams during that time.  Plans continued though and as they became more concrete, we became more excited.  Jennifer was excited too to see where God was leading her and what He would teach her through this time.

About the time that we found out that we were expecting a baby, Jennifer’s coming became even more of a gift.  And since arriving at the camp site and figuring out life here while feeding and taking care of anywhere from 7-14 people, we have seen how we couldn’t have done this without her help.  Our Father knew the limits that we would be experiencing and interwove our paths in a beautiful way.  Jennifer has been a HUGE help and it is so much fun to have her around during this first month.  We are very much enjoying our first visitor from home!