Our moving truck

The last couple of weeks have been a BLUR.  In fact, it is hard to believe that we are already more than half-way through the month of February.  Monday, February 2nd found us saying good-bye to Kasana Children’s Center and heading off towards our new home.  We had a lot of our belongings packed in the back of a large truck that was bringing the windows and doors for our house to the camp property.  With the back of OUR truck packed full, we headed off to Lake Victoria with an overnight stop in Kampala.  Our time in Kampala was definitely crazy–trying to purchase last minute things (some of them larger things that needed to be put on the big truck), sorting out last-minute details (before we were cut off from forms of communication) and picking up Jennifer, our cousin on Andrea’s side from Entebbe.

We ended up arriving at our new home around 11:30pm Tuesday night.  The place was definitely quiet as we set up our tent for the evening (the doors and shutters weren’t on the house yet).  So we woke up the next day with a vehicle to unpack and a house to “get in order” before our first group of guests came the next day.  Needless to say, we were still working on settling in a week later.  We’ve come a long ways though!  You can see a little of that in our before and after pictures.  Each day brings new changes and improvements…it’s exciting to see.

We are happy to be here as well.  It will take a while before we really start getting to know the people in the area, but we are enjoying the little progress that we are making…even in just being here now, going to market, etc.  We are still waiting for better cell coverage which will eventually bring internet capability as well…so for now, we will only be updating the website occasionally as we have internet connection.  And since we are enjoying a couple of days at Kasana right now, we are taking advantage of our communication opportunities.