The Essentials

Andrea in the kitchen

We thought that you might like a little tour of our new house and living set-up.  It’s nothing spectacular (except for the view out the back door/windows), but it is home.

We’re back to using shower bags.  The definite good side is that we get to have warm showers again…if we remember to fill them up in the morning.  We’re also back to using a pit latrine…except that this time, we have a make-shift seat or “throne” that has been installed by one of the South Dakota team members.  Our “outhouse” also has stairs going up to it because it is a composting pit latrine.  If you are not familiar with that term, the basic gist is that after 6 months of use, we close up one of the sides for 6 months, let nature do its decomposing, and then shovel it out at the end to use for fertilizer.  Pretty ingenius, huh?

The other exciting part of each day is purifying water.  A gentleman from Alaska donated a simple, but complex water chlorinating device to the camp.  Within 30 minutes, we can have 4 jerry cans (each jerry can holds 20 liters) of purified water ready to put through our water filter to filter out any debris.  Each time that we use it, it feels like we’re either at the pool or doing a science experiment…but either way, we are so grateful.

The Lord has provided for us a gas-stove and a solar freezer as well, so we are enjoying a few comforts of home (even as we are cooking for teams!) in the midst of all of the transition.