Cell Towers and Stolen Batteries

Cell tower

We are unbelievably blessed in so many ways.  The above picture is definitely one of those ways.  A couple of weeks after we moved out to the camp land, this cell tower was up and running.  The great thing about this cell tower?  It’s a max of 2 kms away from our house–we have 5 bars of coverage on most days!!  So we went from having no cell coverage to having a super clear signal right in our own house…crazy.

Of course, not all good things last forever.  Within a week of having this outlandishly great cell coverage, we were back to nothing for about a week.  Our minds were coming up with so many different reasons why this might be…and then we heard the real reason.  Someone had stolen the cell tower battery.  Unbelievable!

We were leaving for a few days in between two teams.  On our way back to the camp, we passed a Zain truck (the cell phone company which had placed the tower) coming from Gaba where they had just replaced the battery and posted a security guard to watch over the equipment at the tower.  So we’re back to 5 bars…and SO thankful.