Church on the Beach

Nalamuli Pentecostal Church

Sunday marked the first day that we attended a local church.  Since being at the camp, we have been having our own “services” with teams each Sunday.  However, the EMI team was given a personal invitation by the pastor of the church at Nalamuli (the fishing squatter village) to attend the Sunday service.

So a dozen white people and a couple of Ugandans walked down to the fishing village on Sunday morning to join the small congregation (consisting of 4 adults–2 of them being pastors–and many young children).  The service was surprisingly short because the leaders wanted to respect the EMI team’s need to get back to work on their project.  After the singing, in true Ugandan fashion, Brad from EMI who was leading the team and Syd were asked to preach and share–a definite new role for him!

We’re excited though to be able to start building relationships and strengthening believers as well as learning from believers in another culture.

church service