Kings Community Church

Kings Community Church

The second team that came to the camp in February was a group from a church in Canada, Kings Community Church.  The two men on the left in the above picture had already been with us for several weeks.  Chris (on the far left) is a very experienced surveyor who came for over a month to do both a topographical and boundary survey of the property.  Tim (just to the right of Chris) was finishing up a 6 month stay at New Hope by helping Chris with the camp surveying.

The rest of the guys joined us to do various projects–landscaping (check out the nice stone wall below!), making a garden plot for us, electrical wiring (so that we can have lights from now and then when the generator is running), and various construction projects including putting up papyrus walls, making counters and shelves, building framework for our back porch and even making a doghouse (you might notice the little puppy that we inherited in the picture).  Basically, when they left, the place was looking a lot better than when they came!

It was fun to be around Canadians so much; we learned a lot about their country in between all of the jokes that went around.  It was great having all of these guys around–we were once again very blessed by the team that God sent to us.

New stone wall

Electric lights!