We have a name!!!!!!

Ugandan sunrise

We have a name for the camp!!!!   YEAHHHHH  I have been waiting a long time for this and am very happy to say that we have finally decided on a name and motto for the camp.  Our name is Musana Camps and our motto is “Encountering Truth, Transforming Lives.”

In Luganda musana means light.   We chose musana because it is also very closely associated with truth.  At Musana Camps we hope that everyone who comes will encounter the truth of The Light, Jesus Christ and have their lives transformed, being compelled to live for Christ.

We chose camps because we have been blessed with a large site and are planning to have a couple of different camps all within the same site.  We are planning to have a youth camp, family camp, men’s camp, guest house and conference center.

It is so amazing what a difference having a name makes.  It has really made some of the plans start to take shape and come to life.

Our name came from the conversations that we had while EMI was here with us.  Thank you so so much Grace for all of your help.   They are helping us to come up with a logo for the camp as well so stay tuned to see the new logo.