Investment Year Retreat

Investment Year retreat

We were so happy to have another group from Kasana come for a retreat over Palm Sunday weekend.  Sixteen Investment Year students along with a handful of staff found their way to the site (which can definitely be a challenge!! a few roadsigns are in need) on Friday afternoon.  Investment Year is a program that was founded within the last couple of years to take Kasana’s high school age students out of their schooling routine for a year in order to gain further direction and focus for their futures and strengthen the foundation of their faith before heading off to higher education and boarding school.  The IY’s had a blast exploring the site, going swimming, singing and talking around the campfire sleeping in tents.  They came to do work projects as well; there are a few pictures of them digging out termite mounds and planting grass.  They also slashed part of the compound and did some weeding/landscaping for us.

Saturday morning we gave them a chance to spend an hour with their Creator while scattered around the property.  Although for some this was just another activity, for at least one person (a college-age welder from the states helping at Kasana for a couple of months) it was a life-changing encounter in which the Lord really grabbed a hold of his heart and he surrendered his life to the Lord to do and be unto His glory.   Below is this guy’s testimony (you might have read this already in our newsletter):

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Lake Victoria where New Hope is starting another site. This site will mainly focus on teaching young men how to be men of God. There are a lot of other things that will be going on there but that is their main focus. As we arrived to the site entrance we were directed to look to our left. As we did so you could almost hear a pin drop. The scene of the jungle and Lake Victoria took our breath away. The next morning we gathered to have breakfast and devotions then afterwards were instructed to have one hour of quiet time. So we each chose a place to sit and be alone with God. I decided to walk over onto this plateau of rocks overlooking Lake Victoria and the jungle below. As I was sitting there a lot of things passed through my mind. What will I be doing the rest of my life? What if I don’t take the right path? And so on. Right then and there sitting in the most solace and beautiful place I had ever been, a place where you could almost feel that God was sitting next to you, I gave my entire life that is left here on earth back to Him. To do whatever he has planned for my life. To do anything and everything in my power to spread the Word of God. To never fear anything in this world but Him. To willingly follow my Lord and Savior wholeheartedly. At that moment in time I felt the feeling of peace, something that I haven’t felt in a long time. A true deep down healing of my past and a peace that wasn’t going to leave. Write this down folks because April 4th 2009 around 9 a.m. was when all your thoughts and prayers came true. The day that saved a young man’s life. A day that marks the true meaning of God’s grace.. A day that will not soon be forgotten and a day that begins my new life.

We were SO excited to hear his testimony since this is why we are starting the camp–for people to be changed in these very ways.  We asked him if we could share it with other people who are involved in someway in this ministry.  We were so thankful for the Lord encouraging us through this story as we continue in what sometimes seems like the mundane tasks of getting a camp up and running.  We hope that it encourages you as well!  Thanks for your part in this camp!