Calvary Comes to Camp

Calvary Community Church work team

This past month brought a long-awaited event–the arrival of a team from Calvary Community Church (Andrea’s home church from Wisconsin) to Uganda.  The team (all but one member pictured above) consisted of 9 people, each bringing their own unique skills and perspective to the trip.

The team had a whirl-wind time in Uganda.  First was a great weekend in Kampala spending time with Micah and Grace Rwothumio, the pastor and wife of University Community Fellowship (Calvary’s sister church).  They got somewhat used to the craziness of the city in time to travel out to the camp at the beginning of the week–what a contrast!  We were excited for Pastor Micah and one of his colleagues to join us for the day; he is looking forward to using the camp in the future (which we are so excited about!).  Three of the ladies (Ione, Shirley, and Anne) and Pastor Craig (the missions pastor at Calvary) stayed just for the night and then headed to Kasana for the rest of the week.

Those who remained–Eric, Don and Karen, and best of all, Andrea’s parents, Tom and Susan–had a full week of painting the inside of the house, putting up a water tower, installing a water pump, piping water to the outdoor showers, building a work bench, shelf, and toilet paper holder, planting a vegetable garden, helping in the day-to-day living and many other things.  We loved having them at the camp–it went by way too fast!

At the end of the week, we joined the others at Kasana for the rest of the weekend.  They got to experience church in the village and spend time in the family groups.  Then we headed off early Monday morning for a 2-day safari.  This was a fantastic way to end our time together.  We were so encouraged and refreshed through having the Calvary team with us.  For many reasons, it was hard to see them leave.  We did post some pictures on the photo tab if you are interested in seeing more.

Thank you Calvary for being such a big part of Musana Camps!