Failed Plans

Malaria in Kampala

We have had an interesting couple of weeks in which all of our plans have sort of gone out the window…reminding us that we can make all of the plans that we would like, but the Lord will ultimately guide our steps…and for that we are so grateful!

We had been contemplating a trip into Kampala for the joint purpose of hanging out with our friend Allison who is leaving the country this next week as well as getting supplies.  Our decision on when to go in was made for us when I started to get a fever on Sunday night.  After a call to our midwife we decided to head in to a hospital in Kampala in order to find out the cause of my rising temperature.  This was not as easy as it sounds because it involved packing bags (for what we thought was only an overnight) and starting a generator (that was technically out of commission because we had run out of oil for it) in order to charge the car battery which had died.  So by 9:30 PM we were hitting the road for our 2 1/2 hr. drive to Kampala.

We felt a bit silly because by the time we reached the hospital, my fever had gone down, thanks to Tylenol.  They did some blood tests though and found out that I had malaria (which we had tested for at the camp, but the tests had all come back negative!).  Malaria in pregnancy can be very dangerous for the baby, even resulting in losing the baby because of high fever and other complications.  Therefore, as I got hooked up to a IV drip of medicine, we were thanking the Lord that He had brought us in for medical care.

We spent the next 36 hrs. in the hospital until more blood work was done and the malaria was declared to be gone.  On Tuesday, we were trying to push for things to move faster so that we could drive back to the camp that evening, but our efforts were not succeeding…which we later saw to be the hand of God.  My midwife was out of town and graciously offered for us to stay in her home as long as we needed to (the photo above is the room that we both spent our sick nights in) ; by that evening, I was getting feverish and chilled once again.  So Wednesday was back to the doctor where it was found that the malaria was NOT gone and I also had a slight urinary tract infection.  I left with more medication and the “orders” to stay in the city for another 48 hrs. to make sure that the fever was going down.

Everything was looking good to return to the camp on Friday which would be perfect because we could then pay all of the workers.  HOWEVER, Thursday night, SYD started to feel a bit funny.  Soon he had a high fever, chills and awful stomach pains from time to time.  After a fitful night, we went back to the doctor AGAIN where he was diagnosed with a bacterial stomach infection.  He slowly improved over the next day or two and by Sunday, we were FINALLY ready to head back to the camp.

Sort of a long story (and I left out a lot of the details), but it was just interesting to us to see how God directed us throughout the week.  We ended up going to Kasana on Monday and got to spend some time with Allison for a few days in the midst of taking care of business.  We are so thankful to see how the Lord is sovereignly protecting us and guiding our steps.  May we each seek Him more!