A visit from home

A visit from home

Monday and Tuesday we had a nice visit from home.  Don, Larry and Rhonda from our home church in Wisconsin came out to the camp to see us.  They came with Grace, Reba, and Helen Rwothumio from Kampala.  They were working on a project with University Community Fellowship a sister church to Calvary.  We had two days with them and though they went by quickly they were great.  They wanted to do a baby shower for us and so together with everyone at Calvary Community Church they put together a “Shower in a Box” back home and brought it over to us.  What a blessing it was.  They even managed to sneak in a few tools for me (Syd) to use as we are building different things here at the Musana.

Another great part of their visit was having Grace and her daughters here.  Grace works with many university students in Kampala through the church there.  It is exciting to think of the future possibilities that there are to be working with churches like University Community Fellowship.

Even though they were only here for two days everyone pitched in and managed to get a much needed project done.  We built a wood shelter so that I can keep construction timbers dry and out of reach of the termites.

Thanks again for the blessing that you all were to us.

Shelter for construction timbers