Amazing help!!

Concrete pad for a tent

We wrote a bit about Mountain Springs Church coming to the camp and helping to lay a concrete pad for our tents as one of their projects.  Unfortunately, the project was too long and hard to accomplish in the days that they were with us…and it definitely would have taken an outrageously long amount of time for Syd to finish the other 2 concrete pads by himself.

Well, last week, 2 college guys from John Brown University, Luke and Luke, and Alan (an IY student who has ended up being a welcomed regular at the camp) came to the rescue along with a borrowed truck.  The four men, along with the assistance of our two security guards worked hard for 3 days to finish the concrete pads…a project that would have taken a mere couple of hours in the states.  Things take a bit longer though when concrete has to be mixed by hand, aggregate broken with a hammer, water carried to the site one jerry can at a time…you get the picture.

We now have 3 wonderful concrete pads for our tents–no longer do we need to worry about the termites eating away at the wood platforms!  Thanks so much guys for putting in a lot of hard labor!  And for people back in the States, when you see those big concrete trucks driving down the road, be VERY thankful :)