Musana Camps 2008-09 Annual Report

On July 12th New Hope Uganda had its annual general meeting and this year they combined it with Thanksgiving.  To get ready for this I have been putting together a report of all that has happened over the past year at Musana Camps.  There are times that I get frustrated with how slow things seem to go but writing this report has been great.  When I sit down to consider the progress that has been made in connection with the circumstances that we have out here it really is amazing.  God is working here at Musana Camps and I am very excited to see what HE has done by the time that I write the next annual report.  I have added a whole album of photos of many of the groups that have come as well as what the camp looks like currently.  I also added our annual report below and on the downloads page under the Musana Camps section of our website.

Musana Camps Annual Report 2008-2009