Roadmaster Bicycles

Any road, any load

Here in Uganda there is a type of bicycle called Roadmaster.  The Roadmaster slogan is “any road, any load” and it is true.  I have seen people carrying anything you can possibly imagine on those bicycles.

Well on monday I felt like a Roadmaster bicycle.  We have been having problems with one of our neighbors who has been cutting down our trees.  On Monday we had to go and confiscate some of the timbers that he cut from a tree that he cut down on our property.  We carried 22 pieces of wet 2×6 hardwood timbers up hill for about a half mile through slippery gardens, swarms of lake flies, tall grass, and boulder fields.  Needless to say it was very exhausting.

That is all just a side point to this journal entry though, because the real reason is to ask you to be praying for this man who has been cutting down our trees.  He is one of the local leaders in this area and has been very deceiving and difficult to work with, yet he is someone we have to work with as he is a government official.  Since confiscating the timbers and confronting him about the trees he has ran away.  We have reported the dispute to the police and they called a meeting that he was supposed to attend but he didn’t show up.  We are trying to handle this in a wise way.  We want to show this man that we do care and that we are not against him while at the same time showing him that he cannot take advantage of us like he has been.  Pray for us that we would have wisdom and pray for him that his heart would soften.  And pray that we would be able to peacefully and satisfactorily resolve this situation.

Feeling like a Roadmaster bicycle