Boundaries and Squatters

Clearing the boundary

We thought that we’d post a few pictures of some of the work that is currently going on at Musana.  The above picture is of some of the local men who we have hired to clear a 12-ft. path along the boundary line of the property–not an easy task when the forest is so thick in some places!  They are doing an incredible job though.  The next step will be to put up fencing as a way of marking where our property begins.  We are expecting to run into some disputes as this process begins (everyone wants to own property here and they will claim whatever they can!) so we definitely appreciate prayers in handling each situation in a Christ-like way.

The below pictures are some of our latest “real estate” as Syd likes to say.  Squatter compensation has begun and each of the below houses belonged to someone from the fishing village who was squatting on our property and made the agreement to move.  So in essence we have doubly bought these little homes.  Anyone interested in buying a home like one of these?  It’s prime lakefront property!  Wouldn’t you like to live on the 3rd largest lake in the world?

Squatter house

More squatter houses