A Week with Grandpa and Grandma Hilker

Malachi and Grandpa Hilker

Malachi got a huge “present” to celebrate turning 2 weeks old–a visit from Grandpa and Grandma Hilker (Andrea’s parents).  Through the generosity of several friends, my parents were able to fly out to spend almost 2 weeks with us.  For months we had been looking forward to their visit, thinking mainly of what a fun time it would be.  In the end, we could see God’s hand in sending them as a needed help/encouragement as I continued trying to recover from childbirth as well as 2 infections that I got right before they came.  We are so grateful for them and their time with us.  It was great to be able to see them loving on Malachi.  In between all of the time spent with their grandson (and us of course :) ), they even helped Syd with some of his projects–building saw horses, a picnic table, figuring out things for our future house, and putting together a table saw (this will be a huge help in projects around the camp; however, it was too big to be sent whole, so little by little pieces have come over).  As always, the time went entirely too fast and ended with tears as we dropped them off at the airport.

Malachi and Grandma Hilker