Boat ride to the camp

Boat on Lake Victoria

If you read my last post you would have gotten the impression that the roads to the camp are a little rough.  If that is the impression that you got then you are very right.  So, one option that we have been looking at to bring people to the camp is via the lake.

We finally worked it out to make our trial run.  It was a beautiful day and a very enjoyable trip.  However it was too long.  It took 3 hours and 50 minutes from the dock near Kampala to our cove at Musana.  The boat we used was a big 25 passenger local style boat with a tiny 15HP motor trying to push it.  Although there were only 10 passengers plus the boat driver and conductor we still plugged along like a barge.

It was much smoother than going by road, less wear and tear on our bodies as well as a car, so we want to look into using boats to bring people to the camp.  If we go this route, we will have to find a better designed boat and a whole lot bigger engine.  The ride is beautiful but we need to cut the travel time by at least 50%.  That is too long of a time for a storm to catch us out on the water.  The total distance was about 35 miles.

What an amazing way to come to camp!!!

It will be interesting to see what God will do with this desire for the camp in the future.  At least we know that it is a real possibility.  One thing is for sure… with the camp on the shores of Lake Victoria boating of some form and and possibly many forms will be a part of camp.

Boat ride to Musana Camps