Four S4s


It’s been hard at times to find local people who are willing to do some of the hard manual labor that needs to be done at the camp (and not because no one is available!).  Mid-November we were preparing for a trip into Kampala to get Malachi checked for a few things and it suddenly hit Syd that he should try to get some of the S4 (equivalent of a Junior in highschool) students from Kasana to come and work for him.  They had just finished their end of year exams and would have nothing to do for 2 1/2 weeks.

In perfect last minute fashion, the calls were made and we ended up bringing 4 guys home with us on that trip to Kampala.  Unfortunately, because of the last minute nature of it all, we forgot to tell them to bring jackets because of the cool evenings…and we didn’t know that it would be rainy and the coolest it has been since we moved there.  So the guys experienced “cold” and got a little run down because of it at the beginning of their time.

The guys worked on clearing and leveling (by hand) the site where our house is going to be built.  Unfortunately, one of them got very sick and we ended up coming back to Kasana a day early in order to get him treated.  It was good to have them out there though and they were glad to see the camp and make some money for their S4 banquet.  We’re looking forward to a couple of them coming back when their family group comes for a retreat in January!