“Guests of Honor”

Secondary school cultural dance

We were honored to be the guests of honor at the local end-of-schoolyear program on Sunday.  When we arrived at the school grounds, we were ushered to some chairs right in front of the “stage” under the Mango trees.  There were tons of people, coming to see their child, sister, brother, nephew, grandchild, etc.  The program started around 2pm and didn’t break until 6:45, just as the last of the sun was setting so that everyone had to walk home in the dark :(

It was an interesting afternoon…we learned some cultural things (such as bringing small coins to pass out to singers/performers that you especially appreciate), Syd got to do a last-minute speech and Malachi was oohed and aahed at.  He had also just gotten his burn a few days earlier, so that ended up being a recurring conversation (as much as I could explain in the broken english/luganda dialogue).  The above picture was taken during one of the secondary school cultural dances.  The guy on the left is Kaguta, one of our security guards who has been going to school part-time throughout this year.

We left with our ears ringing from the myriad of songs/dances that we had seen as well as from the countless projects that we had been made aware of that needed funding of some sort.  For now, we left the school headmaster with some gifts/school supplies that the EMI team had brought for the school children.