Our Christmas at Musana

Christmas 2009 at Musana

Christmas this year has been a quiet one for us.  Our workers had the week off and we took time to just be together as a family.  While we were really missing our families back at home it was nice to be alone and have a bit of a break from culture.  We’ve spent the several days before and after Christmas day preparing for the arrival of Andrea’s sisters as well as the coming of two family groups from Kasana to the camp in January.

As we read the Christmas story from the book of Luke, one thing really struck us in a new way this year and that is how God chose to use such a shady looking situation to bring His Son into the world.  It shows us once again that His ways are not our ways and that he will accomplish his purposes.

I wonder at times why God is choosing to do things the way he is with our situation here at the camp but it is good to know that he will accomplish his purposes through the way things are happening.

Christmas story