The Milk Man

Syd and Ronald with his new bike

Day after day, month after month, Ronald Makuza, our milk man, faithfully, cheerfully delivers milk for the workers’ break.  Makuza is a member of the local church that we attend, and although we have limited communication with him because of language, he has proved himself trustworthy and honest… a man of integrity, very different from many of the people of this area that we have dealt with.  He has refreshed our hearts because of his honest dealings and the common respect we have for each other.

His bike broke a while back which makes it hard for him to deliver his milk.  He approached Syd about the situation, wondering if on a trip to town, we could buy part of a bike for him that he would gradually pay us back for and then he would buy another piece until he had bought the whole bike.  We happily agreed to this but instead bought him the whole bike right away.  He thanked Syd over and over again on the morning that we brought his bike to him…with his sincere word that he would keep bringing milk “for free” until the bike was paid for.  It is so nice to be able to have relationships like this…a ray of hope for us.