Kasana child

Yesterday was a disappointing day.   We had prepared and were ready for the children from one of our family groups at the Kasana Children’s Center to come to camp for a family retreat.   Yesterday came and went with no children.  We found out late in the day that their trip had been canceled.  The reason???… the truck that was supposed to bring them to camp was broken down and there is no money to fix it.  So it is sitting there broken…

Needless to say we were and are very disappointed… we have been looking forward to having the families come for months now.  We were excited to begin seeing the purpose of the camp come to life.  Not only were we disappointed but so were the children… the anticipation was growing and the last time we were at Kasana we heard many excited voices saying “We’re coming soon!!!!!!”  So unfortunately, the disappointment is not shared by us alone… now the kids have to wait,… for how long, we don’t know.