Melissa, Emily, and Andrea

Three weeks can go way too quickly.  We definitely felt that when Melissa and Emily’s visit came to an end last Sunday night.  It was great to be able to share our lives with them for a while.  We had been looking forward to 2 of the Kasana groups coming for retreats while my sisters were with us so that they could get a better picture of the ministry in which we are involved.  Unfortunately, both of those trips were cancelled to be rescheduled in May at the earliest.  It ended up being really nice though to just have the time alone at the camp with Melissa and Emily.  Their visit was the most refreshing and wonderful Christmas present that we could have had this year.

We are looking forward to one more visit from family this next month–Syd’s Dad is coming with a team to be with us for the entire month of February!  We are so blessed and are going to be dealing with major family withdrawal by the time that he leaves!