A Day To Praise God For

Community road construction

For months now we have been talking with people about improving the road that runs between the villages of Zzitwe and Gaba (the two villages closest to Musana Camps)– the road that you must pass over to get to camp.  The road has been full of large pot holes, and when it rains heavily it is impassable.  Our own vehicles have been stuck in this section of road at least three times.  This doesn’t count the many, many times I have seen other vehicles stuck or seen the massive holes left from a lorry that was stuck.

We have had many meetings with the local leaders about fixing this road together as a community and many promises have been made.  When the Dakota team came, they worked to really improve the road.  The difference from before they came to after they came is scarcely comparable.  The catch in all of the work that they did was that it was missing community involvement.  The local leaders made many unfulfilled promises about community members doing their part to help improve the road.  Because the community did not do their part, the worst section of the road (which was beautifully improved when the Dakota team left!) deteriorated quickly after a few good rains.

On Wednesday, March 10th, we held a meeting with almost all of the area LC1’s and LC2’s as well as the LC3 and parish councilors.  Nswemu said that it was the first time that this particular group of people have met in peace, which is a major accomplishment in itself.  Both Nswemu and I stressed to them that this is the community’s road and not the road for Musana Camps only; we must all come together to fix it.  We cannot rely on one member of the community to do everything because then it stops being community, and we all want to build up our community together.   We talked about many things and in the end got more commitments from the community members that they would come and help do their part.  They all agreed that Friday March 12th was the day to go do the work.

On Friday I drove into town with our skid steer and found people there ready to work.   PRAISE GOD.  We worked together the entire day, digging out the soft dirt that the trucks get stuck in and digging drainage ditches.  Some of the LCs rounded up culvert sections that have been laying around in random places, and we placed them in the road and then covered them with marrum (road gravel).  Lord willing the road and culvert will stay solid when the rains come.  It was a GOOD day and I want to praise God for it.


Stuck tipper

The culvert