Construction Update

The workshop, nearly completed

A quick update on construction.

The Workshop is nearly completed  with the recent addition of a covered work area on the side and the addition of marrum (road gravel) around the sides.  There are only a few finishing touches remaining.

The house is continuing to stumble along.  We continue to run into problems getting bricks.  The 2nd brickmaker that we went to still has not finished the bricks as promised over a week ago, so we have gone to a 3rd.  We were able to get a few bricks from that guy but again he did not have the amount that he claimed to have, so we went to a 4th person.  Each time we have had to go further and further away.  Our challenge is to find good bricks that are the right size, and we are having great difficulty doing that.  I thought that I had avoided this problem way back in October when I contracted with the first brick maker to make enough of the right sized bricks for the whole house.  Please pray that we are able to get the bricks that we need to finish the construction of the house.

Another snag that we have run into is a massive stone in the base of the hole that we are digging for a water cistern.

So work continues but lately it is going quite slow.

Hole for water cistern