Grandpa Sparks

Malachi and Grandpa Sparks

Over the past month we have had the amazing blessing of having my dad (Syd’s dad) here to visit us as well as help us with many different projects.  It was so great to finally have the chance to have someone from my side of the family to come and see us at the camp.   Though I don’t think that Malachi will remember it… he definitely enjoyed the attention from his Grandpa Sparks.

With the recent arrival of the new camp welder Dad and some of the other team members were able to build many important things for the camp and our house, including, a hand cement mixer, a rock separator, a water tower, a portable water tank, doors for our house, doors for the latrine, lantern holders, concrete rakes, concrete corner guides, legs for a picnic table, two sets of clotheslines, a shaving table, a wringer stand for doing  laundry, four sets of  sign posts, two sets of volleyball posts, and a swing set.  He fixed our water-stands, several bicycles, and sharpened many hand tools.   What a blessing it is to have such a talented father.  Many of these things will help push Musana Camps forward in the future and we are soooo thankful.

At the end of his time with us we had the opportunity to go to Jinja and see the source of the Nile River  and visit Bujagali Falls in the top photo.

Volleyball posts and net

Swing set

Cement mixer

Water tower

 Picnic table

Lantern holder