House Progress

House walls going up!

Here’s a progress update and some photos on our house construction.  We have had trouble lately with the brick maker.  He has sold the bricks that I ordered out from underneath me twice now.  So we are getting them from someone else.  Hopefully this man is honest enough to give me the bricks that I ordered.  Luckily there has been enough other things to do and that we haven’t been delayed that much other than from the rain.  It has been raining almost every other day lately.  It makes it very difficult to get the needed supplies to the site when the roads are so muddy and slippery that you cant even get to the supplies, like sand.  All told though, and I have to remind myself of this everyday that with our circumstances as they are we are doing pretty well and the only thing that stops construction is the rain.  More updates to come soon enough…

More house construction