Our First Retreat!

Our first retreat

The Washington Team left Musana on a Friday morning (Feb. 19th) and late that evening, we welcomed our first non-New Hope Uganda retreat group.  A group of 12 young adults from a church in Kampala came out for the weekend to have a retreat and prepare for their year of ministry ahead.  They had several meetings throughout their stay and Syd led them in games and a hike down to the beach.  Swimming at the lake was a huge hit!  Overall, they loved their weekend and left refreshed and with much excitement to not only come back again but to also tell others about Musana Camps.

We learned a lot during this “trial run” of a retreat.  We still have much to do before we can be hosting groups like this a couple of times a month.  We are so grateful though for them being willing to come for the weekend, knowing ahead of time that they weren’t going to be coming to a luxury resort.  It will be exciting to see how the Lord uses this first retreat in the future of Musana.

Swimming in Lake Victoria