The Calm after the Storm

Beautiful views of Lake Victoria

So, yesterday (actually, late Sunday night) was a sad day for us.  The visitors were all gone from the camp and we had to drop Syd’s Dad off at the airport.  Wow, it is hard to see family leave.  We woke up Monday morning and were glad for the smiles and laughter of Malachi to ease our sadness.  Speaking of Malachi, he LOVED all of the attention he got during this past month…he hardly ever had to play by himself!!  He’s just now starting to roll easily and scoot himself around.

Anyway, we are now back out at the camp.  It seems like we haven’t been back here by ourselves for AGES.  Although we are missing everyone, the one nice thing is that we can start catching up on many things that we’ve let slide over the past weeks…including this website :)  So if you’ve made it through all of the entries that we just posted, good for you :)  Thanks for reading and being a part of what goes on here!