Washington Team

The Washington Team

Right on the heels of the Dakota team being with us, we were privileged to host another team from Washington State.  Led by Dr. Steve Alexander, one of the NHUM board members, this team came to the camp to do a 3-day medical outreach in the community.  Kasana’s head nurse, Roger, came along with 2 nurses from Kiwoko Hospital (a mission hospital down the road from Kasana) and 2 of Kasana’s Investment Year students.  The team put in 3 full days of caring for the people of our area; treating around 750 people.  They were SO well received and the community was so grateful for their care.  Musana Camps has definitely been blessed to have this team be ambassadors in our community.

Meanwhile, 3 of the men on the team stayed back at the camp to help with various building projects, including finishing a storage area and putting together another picnic table.  It was great to get to know the 9 people that came–they were such a blessing to us.

Below is a picture of Juliet, one of the IY students, and Kristen, our wonderful volunteer cook who came to serve while the teams were at the camp.  We could not have hosted the teams without her being here to provide many delicious meals.  Yet another way that God provided for us!  Thanks, Kristen!

And a huge thank you to Dr. Steve and all the members of his team.  We loved having you here and are so grateful for the impact you made on Musana Camps’ behalf in our community!  You have been a blessing both to the camp and to us personally!

Juliet and Kristen hard at work in the kitchen