Jonathan Family Retreat

Jonathan family retreat

This past Easter weekend was another milestone for Musana.  For the first time since we have had facilities and a camp name, one of New Hope’s family groups, Jonathan Family, came for a 4-day retreat.  Over a year and a half ago, David Family came before anything was on the site, but since then, we have not hosted any of the family groups from Kasana.  So you can imagine our excitement in preparing for this group (pictured above).

Kids at Kasana are so busy with schoolwork, classes, working in the gardens, cooking, etc.  It was great to see them be able to completely relax and enjoy the company of each other.  Syd had them playing a number of new games which they loved (some that he used to teach biblical principles); the highlight of the weekend was definitely swimming.  You can see a number of pictures on our photo page.

It was so good as well to see the family parents, Kato and Jane, spending time alone together and getting much needed rest.  We ended up doing some devotionals surrounding the Easter story, having the kids relate with some of the characters in the story in order to get them to see how they respond to Jesus.  A few people shared at the end of the weekend about their time at Musana.  One of the boys was just so thankful for such a beautiful place to be able to worship our Creator.  One of the older boys shared about how he had been struggling with a bad attitude toward the family father, but had been able to reconcile with him over the weekend, realizing that if he claimed to be a christian, he needed to love his father.  We praise the Lord for working in ways like this and are so grateful to have a place where this type of ministry can happen.  Thanks for standing with us!

Playing games