Ebenezer Family Retreat

Swimming in Lake Victoria

You might have heard us talk about Ebenezer Family before.  They are the family that we are connected with at Kasana.  When we are there, we visit them, join them for evening devotions, and we used to help them in their gardens when we lived there.  Anyway, for 2 years now, we have been telling them about the camp, showing pictures, etc, and FINALLY, the first week of May, the family came for a retreat!

We LOVED having them here and sharing our lives with them.  Like with the other retreats, we led them in devotions, did numerous games with them (some with a teaching element), took them swimming (the highlight for many of them!), went on hikes, enjoyed good food (that they didn’t have to prepare!), and had bonfires.  Also as with the other groups, we facilitated time for them to spend alone with their Maker each morning, something that is not a common part of many believers’ walks of faith in this culture.  It’s beautiful to see 20 kids all spread across a hillside, sitting on rocks overlooking the lake as they talk with their Creator.

The kids left already trying to figure out when they could come back.  And we will be hoping that it is sooner rather than later!

Ebenezer family retreat group photo