Medie's university graduation

So we have been hinting around at this for a while now, but we can now officially say that we have our first full-time Ugandan staff member at Musana Camps!  Our friend, Medie Kanyike, moved out to the camp at the beginning of June to help build this place.  He will be focusing on a lot of community development/relations as well as getting the enterprise farm started.  It has already been a huge help having him around.  We are REALLY enjoying sharing life and the work of Musana with him.  He is great relating and communicating with the people in the area and he has a huge heart for seeing the area spiritually grow.

We actually just attended his university graduation.  He was the first of his family to get a university degree and his family was very proud…as were we.  It was a big step of faith for him to come to the camp as he could be making much more money in another job because of his degree.  We are grateful for the Lord’s leading and are SO excited to see how He will use Medie.