Melissa and Malachi

We have had the extremely rare privilege of having Andrea’s sister, Melissa, come to visit for 2 whole months…and that is after visiting us earlier in January!  Melissa was in between jobs and had just moved, so figured that it was the perfect opportunity to make an extended trip to hang out with us here.  We have been loving our time with her, and as you can imagine, can hardly believe that it is almost time for her to leave :(  Malachi has not been lacking for loving attention AT ALL in these last 2 months and I know that he is REALLY going to miss his aunt.

God’s timing could not have been better either.  What with moving into an unfinished house and hosting many people (including a team for 2 weeks!) in the midst of it all, her help has been INVALUABLE.  She came with some work of her own that she wanted to try to get to, and unfortunately, she has hardly gotten to any of it because we have kept her so busy! :(  We have been so blessed to be able to share life with her for such an extended period of time.