They’ve Come

Musana Camps team

We have a Musana Camps team now!!!  After a year and a half of being on our own at Musana, Syd and I were rejoicing to spend the weekend with 3 other families committed to this ministry.  We had our first “meeting” together under the stars on Saturday night :)  Left to right, they are:

The Bouffards – Emily, Dave, Andrea, Micah, and Katelyn.  Dave is going to be the Director of Musana.  Syd is more than excited to pass off the administrative duties to him!  Dave and Andrea both completed the LTD program at Camp Forest Springs a few years before Syd and I did.  That has definitely been a fun connection!  Throughout the past few years, Dave has been the camp director of Black Rock Retreat Center in Pennsylvania.

The Jacksons – Kendra, John (11 months), and Nathan.  Nathan will be overseeing the construction/buildings at the camp.  He is coming with much expertise after working for several years in the same type of position at New Life Ranch in Oklahoma.  We are very excited for Malachi and John to be able to play together growing up, and now they have another little one on the way.

Medie Kanyike -Syd has known Medie from Medie’s days as a secondary student at New Hope.  Medie just graduated from university with a degree in social work and administration and has already been incredibly helpful in working with the community.  We are so grateful for his willingness to be a missionary in his own country.