Water Everywhere except Where We Need It…

Thirsty ground

So during the past month, we had not had much rain, but we have had many visitors.  This turned into an equation for emptying our water supply at the main site–the first time that this has happened.  And unfortunately, it happened during the peak time of retreats.  The great thing though, is that we live on property that has Lake Victoria on one of its borders and a stream running along another side.  God has blessed us with an abundance of water…we just have to find ways to get to it and bring it to where it needs to be used.

So in the midst of camp programs, Syd was running down to the stream with the skid steer to pump water into large containers to bring back to the main site.  On top of that the group from Jinja did almost all of their bathing from either the stream or lake.  We could see God’s hand even in that though since the Jinja boys thought that was just part of the camp experience and loved bathing at the stream :)

Anyway, we have been so bad about keeping up with these posts, and now I am very grateful to be able to add on that we had have a few good rain storms now and our water crisis is slightly improving now.  We are so thankful for God’s gift of rain!!  And meanwhile, we now know that we need to address the issue of water in order to continue effectively hosting groups.