We have had a new house member for the past month.  Serwada David moved in shortly after Krissy came and will be with us until mid-November.  He is a high-school age student at Kasana, going through the Investment Year (IY) program.  New Hope felt that its children were leaving for higher education without much direction on what to do in the future.  So they designed this year-long program in which students choose 3 “placements” or career areas that they would like to try.  The students end up studying various things, reading many books and other discipleship-oriented activities.

So Serwada is with us getting a feel for what it is like to start something new.  Syd had him read through Musana’s vision, mission, and ideas for future development and asked him to come up with a project that he could do to help reach the bigger picture.  So Serwada chose to work on making a football (soccer) pitch in the times that he isn’t helping in the enterprise farm or other things that he is asked to do.  We are grateful for the extra help that he is giving.