Temporary Upheaval

Floor varnish

So the walls are all painted now and as I write I am rejoicing that the upheaval of the last 2 weeks is over.  Because our concrete floors were made poorly, they are always dusting and dirty (not to mention flaking up at places) no matter how many times you clean them.  The best way to fix that problem is to re-cast your floors…a huge ordeal (and expensive one) especially when you are living in the house and there is furniture, etc. to take into account.  So we opted for a less invasive approach–we found a floor varnish.  So for almost 2 weeks, we were moving things from room to room, keeping a walking little boy from certain parts of the house, etc. in an effort to fix our floors.  Not what we wanted to do with our time, but we are happy with the results.  We are very excited to be done with that big project making us much closer to being done with the house.