Christmas in Kenya


The other part to our vacation story though was that Syd ended up getting sick the last day or two of our time at the coast.  With the agreement of others with us, he self-diagnosed himself with Ghiardia, a stomach/intestine parasite that you pick up from bad water.  The Fasts just happened to have medication for it along with them, so Syd started treatment right away.  He still had a high temp though as we traveled back from Mombasa to Nairobi.

An hour or 2 into the trip, I noticed that Malachi seemed to have a temp.  Sure enough, he was at 103 degrees but with no other seeming bad affects.  Another hour or so though and he started losing everything he had been eating (I was glad that he was wearing diapers!!).  This continued very regularly throughout the rest of the journey to Nairobi, the whole time, Malachi being pretty much a zombie.  We got to our guesthouse by 9:30pm and Malachi was starting to show some signs of dehydration, so we started pumping him with ORS (rehydration drink mixture).  It was a sleepless night as Malachi was continually filling his diaper.  The whole time, he was just listless, something that is NOT good to see in your usually energetic, loud child.

Anyway, to make a long story short, we went to the best children’s clinic in Nairobi for a check-up the next morning, Christmas Eve (Gabe already happened to be going there for a chiropractic appointment).  We thought that it would be an in and out appointment with some medicine prescribed, so we were a bit taken aback when the nurse told us that they were admitting him and that we would be spending Christmas Day with them.  And what we thought would be a one night stay turned in to 3 nights.  He was on a drip for 2 of the days and we were so, so glad to see him finally turning around and getting some life back into him by the third day.  He was diagnosed with a stomach bacteria infection as well as Ghiardia; however, the main reason they kept him in the hospital was because of his severe dehydration.

We are so grateful for God’s hand over us and all the more grateful for His gift of both His Son as well as the son that he has given to us.  We were grateful to once again have a reason to remember Christ as Emmanuel, God with us.  And although the circumstances were less than ideal, we did have the privilege of being together as a family for Christmas!  Anyway, hope that you all had a wonderful, but less eventful Christmas.

In the hospital in Nairobi