Family Groups!!

Family groups

Right after Jennifer and Chrissy left, we stepped into high gear to prepare for 2 different family groups to come to the camp, Calvary and Worcestor families.  We did many of the same things that we have done for the other family groups and these 2 families LOVED their time at the camp just as the others.  We are remaining with one family to come to the camp.  It has been great to have so many people from Kasana come this past year.  We have heard many people talking about plans to come back and we just pray that this place will continue to be a place where people can grow and be refreshed in the Lord.  Pray for us as a staff that we will be growing in the Lord and able to effectively facilitate times of refreshment for our guests.

Another fun side note is that during the Calvary family retreat, we discovered a new camp activity for Musana…catching grasshoppers to eat!  One morning we looked out in the fields surrounding main camp to see ALL of the family group members with water bottles or whatever container they could find, catching grasshoppers that had just come out.  Later in the day, some of the children sat around de-winging and de-legging them before putting them in a saucepan with oil and salt and cooking them up.  And surprisingly, they taste pretty good…somewhat like potato chips :)  When will you ever get kids to participate in THAT activity in the States?

Catching grasshoppers

Snack time!