Jennifer and Chrissy

Us with Jennifer and Chrissy

You might remember us telling about my (Andrea’s) cousin, Jennifer, who came out to help us at the camp the first 2 months after we moved.  She was such an intricate part of the beginning of Musana so we were super excited when she told us that she would be coming back and bringing a friend, Chrissy with her.  Their visit was way too short (they were with us for only 10 days), but we had a great time all the same.  It was fun to show them all of the changes since those beginning days and they were able to help with the Investment Year Retreat.  We ended our time with them with a whirlwind trip to Kasana and to Murchison Falls for a short safari.  We sadly said good-bye to them (like I said, the time was way too short!) at the beginning of December and sent them on their way home via London.